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Can someone please explain to me the point of celebrating the Melbourne Cup?

A three-minute horse race that happens 900km away from Sydney, is celebrated by thousands, dressed head to toe in their finest race wear as if they were actually attending the event?

These people fill the streets of Sydney. Spending hundreds of dollars on an outfit, only to watch one televised horse race that’s happening across the country in another state?

The happy punters proceed to get drunk on champagne for many hours after the said race, in a bar that they wouldn’t be seen anywhere near on any other Tuesday night.

Yes, that’s right, this is a Tuesday. Let’s all go out and get drunk on a Tuesday night. Perfectly normal behaviour.

“It’s the Melbourne Cup!” they say.

So what? We’re in Sydney!

“It’s the race that stops a nation!” they say.

Yes, but for around three minutes at just after 3pm. It’s now gone midnight and you’re off your face in a dodgy bar on George Street, probably making a pass at someone you vaguely know from work. You’ve not even got the weekend to try and save face after that one.

“It’s an excuse to get dressed up!” they say.

But is it not ridiculous for you to be dressed as if you are actually going to this race, complete with hat / fascinator in hair, when you’re not going to be anywhere near this race? In fact, you’ll most probably be watching the race in your office with all the other idiots sucked into this strange annual ritual. Best case scenario you’re in that bar you sometimes go to for lunch down the road. Except the $10 daytime menu is coincidentally replaced by a $100 three-course set menu with a glass of bubbly on the door.

And don’t get me started on the people that pay to go to Randwick Race Course in Sydney….to watch it ‘amongst the atmosphere’ on a bit bigger tv screen.

Please. Explain it to me. Am I missing something here?

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