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When you visit somewhere like Sydney, naturally you make time to see the Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach and the Opera House.

But when you live in Sydney, the opportunities to experience even more of the city are just as exciting. Think New Years’ Eve fireworks over the Harbour Bridge, ice-skating on Bondi Beach during winter and after-work drinks in the Opera Bar.

This weekend, I had the chance to take part in the iconic City2Surf race, another ‘must-do’ for anyone living in Sydney around this time of year.

It’s an event that is less about the running of the 14km route and everything about the experience of pounding the pavement from Sydney’s Hyde Park down to the sand of the world-famous Bondi Beach. Oh, and there’s 85,000 people alongside you as you go.

First we passed underneath the legendary lights of the Coca-Cola sign heralding the nightlife just beyond. Through the cross-city tunnel and onto the cafes and lazy Sunday morning in Edgecliff and the surrounding areas. Then there was the adrenaline-rush of glimpsing the waterfront as we passed Rose Bay, watching the sun reflect from the dazzling boats onto the ripples of the water. We went through the hell of running the infamous ‘heartbreak hill’ (sponsored nonetheless this year by a online dating agency!), over 1km of winding incline that just seemed to get steeper and steeper. And then the exhilaration of finally, reaching the top of the hill to look down first at the city skyline we had not long ago left, and then at the beautiful Bondi. The thrashing waves and the thousands of thousands of participants and spectators (obviously the slower you are the more there are!). To the finish line of the beach we came in our thousands ready to celebrate and soak up the atmosphere of the day with a cold cider in one of the nearby pubs.

So whilst I didn’t enjoy a 7am start on a Sunday, and today I can’t walk down stairs, yesterday was definitely one of my favourite days in Sydney yet.

Celebrating completing City2Surf

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