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The UK Foreign Secretary William Hague is here in Australia this week. Perhaps not huge news, until you hear that the last time a UK foreign secretary visited Australia was nearly 20 years ago!

Hague wrote about this in the Sydney Morning Herald this week, admitting the neglect of relations in the past.

He talked about wanting to rebuild relationships: “Australia and Britain are cousins on opposite sides of the world. We have a common history and both made huge sacrifices in both world wars. We share a language and common ideals: democracy, human rights and the rule of law. We share much of our culture.”

Reading this, reminded me of the first chapter of Bill Bryson’s book Down Under (a brilliant must-read on aussie life), when he also writes about the British neglect of Australian affairs:

“Flying into Australia” he says, “I realised with a sigh that I had forgotten again who their Prime Minister is….the fact is, of course, we pay shamefully scant attention to our dear cousins Down Under.”

First Bill Bryson, and now the British Government – I’m glad it’s not just me that knew so little about this place before I arrived!

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